Why Child Health Checks Are Important

If you haven’t already, you should take your child for a health checkup at least once a year. These “well child” visits, as they’re also known, are vital to detect health problems early, keep your child’s development on track, and provide parents with the opportunity to establish a relationship with their provider. In addition to well-child visits, Michigan high schools require sports physicals for student athletes.

In addition to examining a child’s physical appearance, health checks should be conducted on a daily basis. They can be conducted after a child has been in daycare for at least a few days, and anytime they seem ill or have a change in mood. Health checks can be repeated several times per day if there are signs or symptoms of illness or disease. Having a regular checkup will help you recognize any potential problems and take action before they escalate.

In addition to a well-baby check, your child will have vaccinations for their due dates. Some community child health centres will even run vaccination clinics. When your child is inspected by a health professional, the doctor will examine them from head to toe, measuring their weight and height. He will also look at their eyesight, leg length, hip abduction, and skin condition. Your baby will also be interviewed about feeding habits, behaviour, and developmental milestones.

Health screenings are vital for your child’s overall wellbeing. Early identification of problems such as allergies and asthma will help you take preventive action. It is important to monitor a child’s growth and development to ensure that they don’t develop health problems later in life. Improper growth and development can impair immunity and overall health. If these conditions are not treated, it can have serious consequences. So, it’s best to have these routine checks done early.

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