Rare & Exquisite: Precious Colored Gemstones

While diamonds reign as most popular, some extraordinarily rare colored gems make them pale in comparison. Their extreme rarity and mystique capture the imagination. These most precious stones grants engagement rings Manchester exotic elegance.

Red beryl dazzles with its intensely saturated crimson color. Found in just a few Utah deposits, fewer than 150,000 carats exist worldwide. Their hardness and rich hue make them more precious than rubies.

From Tanzania, tanzanite mesmerizes with its deep violet-blue color unlike any other gem. Limited global supply comes from a single foothill deposit. Large clean stones may soon be exhausted entirely, elevating their value.

Black opal’s dark body tone makes its fiery color play more eye-catching. Mined mainly in Lightning Ridge Australia, only around 5% of opals are black. Their rarity and allure make them treasures.

Taaffeite ranks among the rarest gems on earth. With its vivid mauve, pink and purple shades, less than a dozen taaffeites over 5 carats exist, placing them in the elite gem tier.

Discovered in 2002, musgravite’s strong purple and green hues sparkle brilliantly. Known worldwide reserves total less than 10 pounds, making it exceptionally scarce. Its stunning dual colors dazzle.

While not suitable for engagement rings, jeremejevite holds elite status among collectors. Sky blue and emerald green varieties exhibit unusual beauty. Only trace amounts come to market annually.

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For those desiring something beyond exceptionally rare for engagement rings Manchester, these precious colored gems confer prestige and singularity. Let one become the cherished emblem of your exclusive union.

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