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Excelsa Vs Barako – Which Coffee Is Better?

Excelsa vs barako: Which is better? The answer depends on your tastes and preferences. Both coffees are delicious, but there are some important differences. Learn more about them below and decide which you prefer. The differences between excelsa and barako coffee are based on the ripening time, beans size, and quality. Also, find out which coffee is better for your health.

Excelsa: This type of coffee bean is grown in South East Asia and has a slightly tart flavor. Vietnamese producers are among the largest exporters of excelsa coffee. Because of its unique mucilage, it is often roasted darker than arabica, producing a more complex cup profile. Because the beans contain less soluble solids, roasting Excelsa requires new curves and best practices.

Liberica: Earlier, the two coffees were mistaken for one another. But they’re actually different species. Excelsa is a cross-pollinating species of Liberica. Liberica is a bushier plant. Both produce almond-shaped beans. Both coffees are often sold separately. But while the two varieties share similar characteristics, their flavor and aroma are different. This makes them ideal for blending. Both are highly regarded in the Philippines. The Liberica tree, on the other hand, requires a much higher elevation to grow successfully.

Liberica coffee is often sold in Filipino markets. While Barako is more common in Asia, Excelsa is found in limited numbers throughout Southeast Asia. Both have complex flavors and low caffeine. Excelsa is best enjoyed in blends, because it gives a richer, fuller taste. And it is also widely available in specialty coffee roasters. If you’re considering which coffee to buy, consider the benefits of each.

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