Does Hip Hop Music Influence Lifestyle Choices?

In an age where teens and tweens are surrounded by violent and drug-related images, do you think that hip hop music is influencing their lifestyle choices? There is an abundance of evidence that shows that music can influence behavior, but how much is too much? It’s tough to say, but hip hop artists have a lot of power over our lives. Some of their messages can be extremely empowering, and they can even make a difference in how young kids see the world.

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Hip hop has an extremely diverse audience. The music originated among African American communities in the United States but has since become a phenomenon that spans across the world. Hip hop music is now listened to by seventy percent of people from non-black communities. Hip hop has transcended cultural barriers and unites millions of teenagers from all backgrounds. Like rock music, hip hop is a genre that has influenced urban street dressing.

Hip Hop is about self-knowledge and self-expression. Hip hop artists use their knowledge to create their own music and incorporate their own beliefs into their music. Hip hop also engages the world with its history and values. This gives Hip hop music a socially conscious aspect that mainstream middle class America ignores. As a result, it inspires the next generation to take a stand for their values and fight against racism.

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